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Fechas 13/01/2018 10:00

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Evento Tijuana 'hold the meat' vegan taco tour Be it de chile, lenteja, yuca, garbanzo, betabel, coliflor, huitlacoche or huazontle, nothing compares to the almighty taco. Join Turista Libre for a special vegan edition of our regular treks to the edges of Tijuana in search of the city's most authentic, incomparable incarnations of Mexico's culinary superstar. Tickets include roundtrip border transportation, courses at three vegan taquerias, a stop at a vegan bakery and dessert at an artisan ice cream parlor with more than 80 flavors, half of which are vegan, too. The group meets on the U.S. side of the Pedwest border crossing at the Virginia Avenue Transit Center at 10 a.m., with an estimated return to the border at 3 p.m.
Baja California