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Fechas 20/04/2018 19:45

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Evento Rata Blanca Torreon No, it's not a rumour! Rata Blanca is on tour and will be performing at Metropoli Music House very soon! Haven't you got your Rata Blanca Torreon tickets yet? If you haven't got them, what are you waiting for? This event is expected to be a great success and tickets are selling like crazy! Don't miss the chance and buy your Rata Blanca Torreon tickets here and now! Get ready to scream and to sing along to the best tracks of the year! Join the crowd and see how your favourite artist take the stage. You won't regret it!
Metropoli Music House
Calzada José Vasconcelos 2700, Residencial La Hacienda, 27276 Torreón, Coah., México