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Fechas 23/11/2019 09:00

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Evento English practice event with native facilitators English Conversation Club Are you looking for a way to improve your speaking skills? Have you been out of practice for a while and your English has become a bit rusty? Are you tired of grammar and not having any interaction with real English speakers? It’s a great way to improve speaking skills without having to travel abroad. You can make all the mistakes you need to learn in a safe space. It is a fun place to meet like-minded people.  Each meeting of the club is dedicated to a topic, which is set in advance. In class we discuss all possible issues related to it. All you have to do is speak up your mind! We talk about crime, environment, festivals,  learning, lifestyle, people, politics, society, travel and others. You are welcome to suggest any other topic that might be of interest. We meet every Thursday from 9:00am-12:00pm. We only have 8 places.  Recommended background From intermediate to advanced. B1 – C1 levels. You don’t have to prepare for classes. It’s OK to spontaniously start talking on a topic. However, if you prefer to think about the questions in advance, you can 5582429707
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