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Fechas 31/10/2020 00:00

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Evento Day of the Dead- Festival Secrets of La Catrina Day of the Dead, a Mexican celebration which exposes the journey of the souls of the deceased returning to the home of the living to share with family members and feed on the food offered to them on the altars placed in their honor. The Festival Secrets of La Catrina will consist of a 3-day program where visitors can live these traditions through workshops and elaborate different elements that make up the day of the dead (flowers, bread, crowns etc.). Experience the allusive celebrations and the theming of the city. A trip where the five senses will be present. Thursday, October 31st 7:00 PM- Catrina 's Contest 9:00 PM- Award for the best Catrina Friday, November 1st 7:00 PM- Pan de muerto making class Saturday, November 2nd 6:00 PM- Procession with carriages 6:00 PM- Dead altar contest 7:00 PM- Artistic entertainment 7:00 PM- Cinema under the stars9:00 PM- Awards to the best dead altar
San José del Cabo