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Fechas 10/11/2019 14:00

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Evento Feminine "Protection" Unwrapped What is the Hidden, the Unseen, the Shadow side of Femininity, Really? ... a New Window into Ancient Truth “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are Powerful beyond measure.  It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us….” Marianne Williamson Ladies, behind the door of a Woman's Soul lies the other half of the mystery that completes Her. Ravinder, Kimberly and Lisa are inspired to invite you to:  Feminine 'Protection' Unwrapped - A small group of ladies will gather in the Pristine Wilderness of the Sierra Madras, at Xadanu Eco Retreat Centre, near Huatulco, Mexico: November 10 -17, 2019. Join us for a powerful  journey into yourself where we will explore, restore, decode, and unmask the subtle,  Hidden Worlds Within. From the beginning of Time, we have unconsciously felt guilt, and shame with no tangible awareness of why.. Together we will explore the Unseen realms within us, that is us. Our participation will lead us in a creative path that will organically unwrap our innate Potential that is truly Feminine, that is truly Desire, that is truly Divine. We are offering a practical, expansive,  re-turning to Nature’s brilliantly designed relationship and connection to women. Our true Power has been compromised  by inverted, societal projections for long enough. The original Blueprint of Nature is also our initial pattern. It is beautiful, influential, and largely unseen at this time in our experience. We are responsible to unearth, unravel, and to reveal our True Authentic State.  Living freely and serendipitously from Heart we have the opportunity to correct our alignment, and live in accordance with truth, and transparency.  Not only will we unpack and reveal  the true nature of  Femininity, we will  experience what it means to go forward in new ways.  You will begin to notice an increase in your intuitive abilities, actualize clarity in areas where you may have been stuck, and develop a knowing that there is much more to our lives then we have previously realized. Your presence will leave you feeling more whole. In addition to an organic and deep look into our true feminine essence, including interesting and trans-formative work / play shops, we have arranged for excursions to nearby Sulfur Hot Springs, walks, river swims, aquatic stretch, meditation, processes, movement, and much more. This is definitely the next step back and into our original, natural evolution.  This will be a cozy gathering of no more than 12 prticipants. What to Expect:   ... in additional to our ground breaking exploration:  Feminine 'Protection' Unwrapped:  Morning meditations by the River or Aquatic stretch Excursions: Sulphur Hot Springs, Nature Walks  Cultural talk with resident Zapotec (Indigenous) Mari Tere Soul nourishing, traditional Oaxacan meals at Xadanu Eco Ranch Star gazing Unlimited River swims Scream in the Wild Meditative Movement, dance Fire by the River Relaxation and integration time to connect with the beautiful environment 7 nights accommodation transfers, transportation, tax Playful, informative workshops, processes and much more... $1,899.00CAD double occupancy $2,199.00CAD single occupancy Included - Accomodations, all meals, transfers, transportation, tax and workshops, excursions - 7 nights!! ** NOT INCLUDED - AIRFARE AND TRAVEL INSURANCE ** XADANU ECO RANCH and RETREAT  CENTRE - 1 1/3 hours from Huatulco Airport For any additional inquiries or information email Lisa Pryce at:  or call 416 570-8793 About Xadanu Retreat Centre  Enjoy delicious, healthy, traditional meals, friendly service, (English and Spanish,) and clean, comfortable rooms - each with private bath! Note - we are able to accommodate special food requests and we pride ourselves on our excellent service.  The Ranch is independently owned by 2 families - one North American, one German / Mexican. It is a working Ranch and a beautiful Retreat Centre!  Xadanu is set on 400 acres in the pristine wilderness of the Sierra Madre Mountains, and nestled between two rivers - the Zimatán & the San Lorenzo.  **Please see 'Accommodation' page for further description, and 'Snap Shot' page for images and a more detailed summary of the property.
Xadanu Eco Retreat Centre
, Santa Maria Xadani