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Regresar a la página anterior The world of Master’s degree opportunities at your doorstep 19th October
Fechas 19/10/2020 15:00

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Evento The world of Master’s degree opportunities at your doorstep 19th October Are you passionate about making a difference? Start planning your future now! Access Online Masters еvent gives you the opportunity to explore graduate school options in your dream field of study now in a safe digital environment. The Access Online team will guide you to meet virtually with admissions advisers from the best Masters programmes for you. Some of the world’s leading universities will be available to introduce you to their best graduate programmes. What can you expect from the online events? · Individual video meetings with school advisers from Yale University, Schulich School of Business, George Washington University, University of Rochester – Simon, ESSEC Business School and many more. · Personalised consultation for your graduate studies · Scholarship opportunities This online event gives you a safe space where you can be productive, make new connections, and get to know leading Masters programmes from around the globe. What makes a Master’s degree valuable? Earning a Master’s degree shows that you are a problem-solver and a team player – qualities which are highly desired by employers. Whether completed abroad or in your home country, an international Master’s degree will give you a head start to your dream job, career progress and the confidence to make a difference in your field. Save your spot at these free online events as meeting slots are limited. REGISTER HERE:
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